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Winter Share Week #5 of 8: 12/19+12/21

The last pick up of 2023 is here! (But fear not, there are 3 more winter ick ups in the new year ;) We have a regular Winter Share pick up this coming week filled with all the goosd for your holiday season! And we are still harvesting greens from the fields! How amazing!

This month has marked the start of a lot of large projects that need to get done this off season before everything starts growing again. These projects include building a new pole barn where the old tunnel that collapsed in the blizzard last year, building another (and final) high tunnel for more indoor growing space, and comprising all the growing data from the season. It's a lot to do!

After this week's Winter Share pick up we will be skipping 2 weeks for the holidays, so the first January pick up isn't until January 9th and 11th, just FYI.

As for this week the share will include lettuce, kale, squashes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, bunched greens, bagged loose greens, beets, celery root, radishes, rutabegas, and more! including apples from Bittner-Singer Orchards.

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