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Winter Share #6 of 8: 1/9+1/11- New Year

Updated: Jan 8

Here we are in 2024! As time keeps marching on so does the farm. Shorter, restful days are welcomed as we dive into our pantry for hardy meals, sometimes served on the couch. We are needing this time to rest and recover from the season and the holidays (which are not always the most relaxing sometimes). It seems like Winter weather is finally here, too, and we can't wait to get outside in it. Some of the best Winters are the ones spent outside enjoying the season.

The Winter Share has a total of 8 distributions and we are on the 6th one. They occur every other week and the final pick up, happening on the first full week of February, will also have our annual Bulk Sale! But this week's share will include: potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, winter squashes, kale, onions, lettuce, turnips, radishes, cabbage, and even more!

If you have inquiries about the wait list, we will start addressing the in February. We will also be sending out the first emails with an opportunity to sign up for a share then.

**REMINDER- If you are in the Winter Share and are feeling ill please text the farm during your regular pick up hours in order for us to bag a share for you to pick up after 6pm**

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