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The Summer Share is Starting Soon!

We hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and able to take time to pause and reflect (the reason Memorial Day was established). Though we always work on Memorial Day, because this is planting season and there's no rest for the weary when you farm in Northern climates, the day is always slower paced compared to others.

We take this whole week to catch up on as many things as possible and also set everything up so we are ready for our first Summer Share customers the first full week of June. This Summer Share season will start on June 4th for Tuesday pick ups, and June 6th for Thursday pick ups. Summer pick up hours are from 2:00 to 6:30. If you are running late or do not think you will make it by 6:30 please text the farm during your pick up time and let us know. We will then put together a share for you to pick up after 6:30.

For all the information specific to your payment plan, pick up day, and size of your share please read the email we sent out to everyone in the Summer Share. We will send a reminder email before the first pick up.

We have a lot of returning members and we are happy to welcome all of you back for (fingers crossed) another great Summer season. If you are a new member please come to your pick up days with an open mind. We have people around to assist you, plus signage everywhere to help you navigate the share room. Just look for the big white barn and enter the share room from the roadside of the barn.

The U-Pick fields are currently closed because there isn't anything to pick yet ;), but they will open sometime in July when crops are ready.

Check back next week and the blog will be updated with the veggies we will be distributing for the first pick up!! Can't wait!!

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