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Summer Share #4 of 20- 6/25+6/27 Oops

Here we are on to week 4 of the Summer Share season, and things have gotten a little nutty. The weather last week was out of this world. I've never lived through an entire week of weather that was that consistently hot with overnight lows above the average temperatures for this time of year. It took a lot to continue to work throughout the entire week. I love it when there are weather alerts issued to stay inside...but just so you know everyone on earth who grows food has to go outside.

Plus the plants are outside living and breathing through the entire heat wave. They are having to endure the extreme temperatures, and today this insane wind. They are survivors, and are now taking another beating in this 50 mph + wind event today. It will take some time to see the real effects of the extreme weather on the crops, but there are some certainties. One being that the texture of leafy things will change. This is because they almost 'tan' in the way your skin would if you were outside all day every day in the sun like they were. Also crops like cauliflower will turn from white to a yellowish 'tan' color as they try their best in all the sun exposure. We also had to harvest a lot all at once! Crops will mature faster in the heat than planned. So there may be ebbs and flows in certain crop availabilities as well as a lot of one thing all at once. Because of the weather we cannot avoid this (or plan for it for that matter).

Soooo...this week's share will include: squash, cucumbers, radishes, turnips, broccoli, greens, spinach, lettuce, bok choy, radicchio, kohlrabi and garlic scapes!

**A NOTE- Week 5 will be on both July 2nd and July 4th (the holiday), please plan accordingly

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