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Summer Share #2 of 20- 6/10+6/12: The KISS Method

The first week of share distribution went great, and we were so happy to see everyone again! Just a reminder, specifically to Tuesday members...please read the dry-erase board in the barn that has instructions for what you are supposed to take in the share that you paid for (ie not everything displayed is for you to take, please follow instructions).

Also, as many of you already know, storing vegetables can be tricky if you try and complicate it. Otherwise, it's pretty easy and our freshly harvested vegetables should last up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator. Plastic. Plastic is key. There is a reason why the plastic bag law does not include produce packaging. It's because plastic is the best way to store produce. If you are plastic-adverse I have some tips for you, too.

Things to remember when storing our vegetables (which are fresher than anything you can get at a store, so therefor should last longer in your fridge):

  1. Your refrigerator is a dehumidifier. What keeps produce crisp is it's water content. Your fridge is actively drawing water out of your produce. If you keep your produce in a plastic bag or container, this keeps the water in your produce.

  2. Produce is still alive, so poke small holes in your plastic bag or plastic container so it can breath.

  3. Wash your produce just before you use it. If you wash it and don't dry it then too much water in your storage container will rot the produce.

Now I know some you have routines with paper towels and others with jars of water, and if that works great. I could go through all the issues that could come up with that, but I like to keep to Michael Scott's KISS method...Keep It Simple Stupid. So when I store produce I put it in a plastic bag I've reused that already has holes poked in it and I tie the bag shut. Voila!

And don't forget the info from last week's post...Greens are KING right now! This week's share will include: salad radishes and turnips, green garlic, bunched greens, kale, chard, spinach, head lettuce, carrots, and bok choy!

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