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Spring Share #4 of 5: 5/14+5/16- Planting Season

The growing season in Western New York is short compared to a lot of the country. We don't mind because we love seasons and all the benefits of Winter (fun in the snow PLUS the cold temps help control pest populations and plant diseases). But it does mean that planting season in this region is intense. We have from largely the last frost date in May until the 4th of July to get any long season crop in the ground. If you wait until after that date you are rolling the dice that you may or may not get to harvest anything. (Shorter season crops like greens, salad radishes, etc are planted all the way into September).

So we are at a point where harvesting all the veggies for the Spring Share and our wholesale partners is getting in the way of planting! But all that means that we have loads of goodies in the share this week including: asparagus, bunched greens, green garlic, herbs, lettuce, spinach, salad turnips, and more!

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