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Final Spring Share Week this Week!

This week marks the 5th and final week of the Spring Share! What an amazing Spring Season it has been, and it flew by so quickly. Of course this hot week of weather (almost 90 degrees!) is making it feel like the final week of June or July, so I have to keep reminding myself that next week is Memorial Day!

So, that being said the Summer Share will be starting the first full week of June (June 4th and 6th). Everyone in Summer Share will be receiving an email from us soon with all the info you will need to pick up your first share. We do have a few share member email addresses that are undeliverable, so if you haven't received emails from us please make sure to save our email address to your addresses.

As for this final Spring Share, it will include kale, shoots, bunched greens, asparagus, herbs, lettuce, spinach, and a potted herb plant!

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