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Winter Share Week 4 of 7: 11/29+12/1

Well we made it through a snowstorm, a holiday, mandatory shopping, and maybe some overindulging to get here: Week #4 of 7 Winter Share pick ups! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving whether it was small, large, at home or a destination. For us it was filled with seeing some people we have seen since 2019, how wonderful!

Here at the farm we are checking on crops that have also lived through all the events mentioned above ;) The ground was not frozen when the snow started to fall last week. So as anyone who lives in the region knows, snow is an insulator! It trapped all that heat in the ground during the storm, so we will definitely have some crops we can still harvest from the fields. Nature is amazing.

Oh, and I should mention a big thanks! to everyone who made it out to the farm for the Thanksgiving Market. We saw a lot of faces we know and many we didn't. It was a wonderful send off for the holiday week.

As for this week's Winter Share it will include: potatoes, onions, winter squashes, carrots, beets, parsnips, cabbage, kohlrabi, leeks, kale, bok choy, radishes, turnips, scallions, fennel, radicchio, lettuce mix, brussels sprouts, and a few surprises!


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