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Week #8 of 20- 7/26+7/28: New Kicks

As you can tell, our website has gotten a face lift. A wonderful CSA member has been working on it and it looks amazing. We will be adding to it a little to try and catch it up, but the old site has soooooo muuuch info on it that I had added onto it for over a decade. Anyone who has had to pack up a house or apartment they've lived in for a long time knows what I mean. Stuff accumulates the longer you stay in one place. I used to move around a lot (I've blogged about the 18 different states I've lived in (that's lived in, not traveled to. I've traveled to 44 states)), so I would only keep stuff that I could fit into my car. If I didn't use something within a year I got rid of it. But here we are and the wealth of information on the old site is in some ways precious. So we will be slowly saving it and adding to the new digs.

Right now is not the best time for us to be spending on a computer so we are hoping to continue to update slowly into the winter. Right now we don't have enough time to get everything done that needs to get done on the farm, and rest enough so we have energy enough to get everything done that needs to get done on the farm. The barn also got a small face lift last week and a crew of painters showed up to paint the entire barn. It's something we have been wanting to do since it got it's new roof back in 2017, so we are happy we were finally able to do it. Now, I know what you may thinking...maybe something like: "Why don't you paint your house too". Believe me they wanted to. But this house had been left to decay since the 1980's, which was the last time anyone spent any significant time updating it. Sooooo, there is way too much to do before we get it re-sided. It even had original windows...with the single pane wavy glass that would frost on the inside during the winter. And the list of stuff that's been done and needs to be done goes on and on from there. This house was built by farmers in the late 1800's, it was updated by farmers until the 1980's, and here we are trying to take it from the 80's to the 2020's! Let's just say, whenever we uncover something here the reaction is either: that's because a farmer did it! or, oh that's because a frickin' farmer did it ;)

Anyway, enough about bringing this old farm (and now website) back to life. This week's share will include: squashes, new potatoes (BTW new potatoes are a thing, I'm not just randomly adding the word new for the hell of it), carrots, mixed beets, radicchio, peppers, eggplant, fresh onions (also a thing), fennel, cabbage. scallions, head lettuce, kale, chard, and tomatoes.

The fruit share should include apricots, clingstone peaches, and cherries. We've already ordered the bulk cherries for everyone that signed up.

And of course don't forget to order from the Savage Wheat Project by going to her website and pre-ordering to your heart's desire. Otherwise, she always sends along 'Grab Bags' that are available for anyone to take and you can Venmo her or pay cash for them.


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