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Ready and Set for the 2024 Share Season

WE ARE SOLD OUT FOR THE 2024 SHARE SEASON! And the seeding has already begun!

*for anyone who was on the wait list and received an email with an invitation to join, the link in the email no longer works because we are sold out. If you wish to remain at the top of the list for next season please email us to let us know. Everyone else on the wait list who we were unable to offer a share should have received an email with information about your position on the wait list. Please save our email address so that we don't end up in your spam folder ;)

With this crazy warm weather we have been able to move ahead with the way-to-many projects that we had planned for this short off season. We built a pole barn in the place were the high tunnel collapsed (in the Blizzard on Christmas Eve 2022), we moved an old high tunnel to a new location in order to make room for the new bigger high tunnel going in it's old footprint. We are continuing our electrical upgrade that we started last year, and also did some work on the farmhouse (yes we know it needs paint, believe me).

And during all this we started our first seeds of the season last week after we returned from an extended road trip/ vacation. So the onions, eggplant, and peppers are all seeded for the season (in the greenhouse), and the first of the tomatoes as well.

We want to also remind everyone on the payment plan for a Summer Share that your next payment is due. Everyone should have received an email with all the info you need to complete the payment. If you need to make different arrangements just email us.

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