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Summer Share #12 of 20- 8/23+8/25: Week 8 of Tomatoes

There are some crops we measure successes in the amount of time they spend in the share. Sometimes if we fall short of a certain amount of weeks of availability, people will notice and the share may suffer. Usually these things are largely out of our control due to weather. For example, this week is the eighth week in a row that we will have tomatoes. I warned you that if it's a good year there will be plenty of tomatoes! Eight weeks of tomatoes is a minimum for us, 10 is ideal, and anything beyond that is gravy. So we plan on having tomatoes for half of the share. And you might think to yourself 'that's a lot', but 10 weeks of fresh tomatoes out of 52 is not a lot. So bear down, every tomato thereafter will not taste as good.

Now maybe I am counting my chickens before they hatch. There have been a lot of hail storms in the area, which is a season-ender for some crops (like tomatoes...think of ripe tomatoes on the vine in a hail storm...instant sauce). So though we are entering melon week #3, if any of these thunderstorms predicted bring hail to our farm there may not be any more melons. So for the sake of watermelon let's hope these storms just bring rain.

So this week's share will include carrots, beets, cabbage, squashes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, onions, potatoes (new variety), kale, head lettuce, melons, and tomatoes.

The fruit share will include peaches, nectarines, and plums!

Don't forget to order from Savage Wheat, but if yo udo remember you can purchase any of the grab bags available ;)


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