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The Spring Share is Not the Summer Share

Hello out there! I'm sure this insanely warm weather is getting people thinking about Summer vegetables, but remember as the email we sent out in March states...the Summer Share starts in June when a lot of things have had time to grow. When the weather warms like this it means it's time to start growing and emerging, but things still need time. Don't we all!

The Spring Share (which is not the Summer Share) starts the last week of April! Everyone who signed up for the Spring Share should have received emails last week with info about the Spring Share. If you did not receive that email it is because you did not sign up for the Spring Share (and the Spring Share is sold out :)

So, enjoy this crazy warm-for-this-time-of-year weather and watch the flowers grow! We'll see some of you soon and some of you later ;) We'll be in touch!


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