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Summer Share Week #6 of 20- 7/9+7/11: Abundance!

We are really starting to see a pivot away from our earliest seeded crops (some of them we have been harvesting for 6+ weeks now), and into more Summer crops! We are excited at how well our cucumbers are doing early on this season, after having a couple mediocre cucumber years in the past. however, we just got an alert that a plant pathogen called Downy Mildew has arrived a whole month early this season. Downy Mildew is what kills cucumber plants early, and WNY is a 'hot spot' for Downy Mildew. Anyone squinching their nose right now can relax, it doesn't affect people...or anything else other than plants, silly. But it will shorten your cucumber season and kill cucumber plants, so we are enjoying them while they are abundant.

We are also wondering what the storm Beryl will bring us on Wednesday. Hopefully only some rain (fingers crossed)!

This week's share is rather large, but as the heat continues there may be some ebbs and flows in the harvest, but we'll have to wait to see. The share will include: squash, cucumbers, salad turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, fresh onions, cabbage,radicchio, bunched greens, bok choy, head lettuce, kale, chard, and escarole.

The fruit share will include cherries, and plums!

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