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Summer Share #8 of 20- 7/25+7/27 Come on Already!

We are getting super impatient waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. This will be one of the latest seasons for our tomatoes to ripen, but it looks like it is for almost every other farm in our region (not just WNY, but northeastern US). Remember that super chilly, gray, dry Spring we had, well this is one of the effects of it. But as we wait there are plenty of veggies to appreciate, as well as the Upick fields!

We are very lucky that the storm last Thursday wasn't any worse than it was. Yes the wind was insane, and we got 1.5 inches of rain in a very short window. But we are just happy there wasn't any hail involved!! That would have been a bit of a dagger.

So here's to luck and patience! This week the share will include: new potatoes, zucchini and other squashes, carrots, beets, fresh onions, cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, radicchio, head lettuce, kale, chard, scallions, and we are crossing our fingers for sweet corn and peppers!

The fruit share will include blueberries, apricots, plums and maybe some clingstone peaches

Don't forget to order from The Savage Wheat Project (or purchase a grab bag while your grabbing your veggies).

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