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Summer Share #6 of 20: 7/11+7/13 Info!

There's gonna be a lot of info in this post, but there's a lot going on! I would remind everyone to read the entire post, but the fact that you're looking at the blog at all kinda tells me you already do that without prompting ;)

A reminder first: you do not need to email us share pick up conflicts, the emails won't get answered. Please talk to us in the share room when you are in there instead. Or if you are in the midst of an emergency please just come on the other pick up day of the week. If you need a bag put together for you because you cannot make it to the farm before the share closes, then please text the farm during regular share pick up times. For example, your pick up day is Tuesday but you cannot make it to the farm before 6:30pm. So after 2pm (because that is when the share pick up begins), you text the farm number and let us know you'll be here to pick up your share after 6:30. Then just look for your bag with your name on it after 6:30 under the tent!

The U- pick fields will have a "soft opening" this week. Meaning there will be limits to abide by for now until the the field starts to really hit it's stride. Please bring your own scissors and exercise caution.

The share this week will include squashes, carrots, beets, radishes, salad turnips, broccoli, kale, chard, fennel, fresh onions, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, scallions, lettuce, spinach, and bunched greens.

The fruit share will include cherries and blueberries! We will have a sign up form for Fruit Share members who want to order bulk tart cherries in 10lb or 30lb buckets. All you will need to do is sign up and indicate the amount you want. Payment will be due at the time you pick up your order.



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