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Summer Share #3 of 20-6/20+6/22: Hello Summer?

Hello Summer? It's me. Just wondering when you think you might start showing up. Call me back, thanx.

At least that's what I think I'd say if the Summer season had a message machine from the 1990's.

But here we are in the 2020's and no one leaves messages anymore, and if you do no one listens to them anymore. So maybe that's why it's been so chilly and gloomy for...all Spring now heading into Summer. This Wednesday is the first day of Summer (I said this in the share room and someone laughed audibly, but just so everyone knows there are specific dates that mark the start and end of Summer that are tied to the the sun and the tilt of the earth, not a concept in your mind). It is also the longest day of the year. But this week is looking 'Summer-y', so we'll take it! The Summer crops that love the heat are a little behind due to the lack of said heat and sunny days. But the best thing about nature is it's will to survive, and for a tomato plant that means it needs to make tomatoes!

As for our Spring crops, they have been thriving in these conditions (with added irrigation of course), and they're ready for you all! This week will include: bunched greens, head lettuce, spinach, salad turnips, broccoli, kohlrabi, and cauliflower!

Don't forget your Savage Wheat order or Grab Bag

The Fruit Share will start in July and so will the U-pick fields

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