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Summer Share #2 of 20- 6/13+6/15- Still Weird

So this season has so far been insane weather-wise. Now don't get all upset if you 'haven't noticed'. Most people spend only 10% of their time on average outside. I spend about 50% of my time outside and my job relies on me knowing the forecast (which includes more than reading temperatures and rain potential). Here's a sum-up: Winter's total snowfall amount ended up as 'average' though it all fell in only 2 significant snow events; Spring arrived and the sun didn't come out for a very long time, and the temperatures were repeatedly below average; after seven consecutive days of rain in the middle of April it completely stopped raining (with the exception of one day) up until today; We had a freeze one week after the average last frost date for our area, and then a frost the following week that was then followed by a half week of 90 degree weather; then the smoke from the wildfires in Canada arrived. For some reason talking about wacky weather gets people worked up, but let me assure you I'm talking about how wacky weather affects the food we grow and the people who grow it. *Note: I've also realized that people are not familiar with technical terms related to weather and tend to lump words they don't completely know the definition of freeze and frost, or blizzard and snowstorm...they are different*

So why talk about the weather? Because it's significant. It makes farming more difficult and more expensive the further from 'average' we get. Which, if you haven't connected the dots, makes food more expensive for consumers. Add that to higher costs for everything and you get

Higher costs+ Higher costs+ Burnout = Higherer costs**

**Note: these are not technical terms, just a joke

So for the good of everyone experiencing allergies, every pet experiencing allergies, all the dust, all the wildlife, all the plants, and everyone else, I really hope it actually rains this week as predicted. And then maybe we can get some more 'average' weather for the official first day of Summer coming next week. Otherwise we keep on keeping on.

So, now that we've noted the weather so far this season we can move on to what's in the share this week: salad turnips, radishes, broccoli, beet greens, chard, kale, head lettuce, spinach, and bunched salad greens!

Again you can order Savage Wheat for pick up or grab yourself a 'Grab Bag'

The Fruit Share starts in July and so does the U-pick fields

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