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Summer Share #10 of 20- 8/9+8/11: Halfway

After this week we will be halfway through the Summer Share season. We are, coincidentally, about halfway through Summer as well. We are looking forward to cooler weather, less bugs, and slower weed growth hopefully coming toward the end of the month. When we first started the farm August was already the other side of the "the hill" that is the season. It isn't like that anymore. Still too much to do.

We will start signing up the Winter Share at the end of this month for anyone wondering. Though all the Winter Share crops aren't all in the ground yet, they will be within the next 4 weeks. It's looking like we are set up for a good Winter season, barring any crazy weather event.

The tomatoes are starting to peak now, so as more start to ripen we will have more available in the share and also to purchase in bulk quantities so keep an eye out if you are interested. They are the pinnacle of summertime, with their flavor at their best right now (hint, hint: warm, long sunny days make sweet tomatoes). I always say they are edible sunshine, and I think some people interpret that as being folksy. I'm not being folksy, I'm being literal. Photosynthesis is an amazing thing. If you missed that day in 6th grade science class I recommend reading up so you can also become enamored by the power of the sun! This is where I could go off on a tangent about why grow lights and vertical farming will never replace traditional soil farming, but that is a topic to get into a different time. It's August, I'm too tired!

This week's share will include: potatoes, squashes, carrots, beets, cabbage, fennel, radicchio, kale, chard, peppers, head lettuce, lots-o-onions, tomatoes, and hopefully melons and sweet corn (both weather dependent :)

The fruit share will include peaches, plums, and apricots!


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