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Spring Share #1 of 5 4/45+4/27 The Spring Share is not the Summer Share

That's right! It's time to kick off the Spring Share!...which is absolutely NOT the Summer Share. I say this every year and every year I receive texts, emails, etc. exclaiming someone didn't know the Summer Share was starting already (which has already happened btw). Well it's not, the Summer Share starts in June.

The SPRING Share is starting this coming week though!!! Everyone who signed up for the Spring Share should've already received a couple of emails with all the info about the start, which is Tuesday the 25th or Thursday the 27th depending on your pick up day, from **4:00 to 6:00**

The share will include, but is not limited to lettuce, bunched greens, scallions, radishes, pea shoots and others, herbs, and parsnips! More to come as more and more crops start coming in. So exciting! See you Spring Share members in the share barn soon!


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