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Catching Up

This week is an "off" week for the Winter Share. We are finishing cleaning up from the storm still, so hopefully we can officially start 2023 soon!

This insanely warm Winter weather has been interesting (of course interrupted by the 'Storm of a Lifetime'). The ground wasn't frozen when the storm hit, so crops actually survived under the snow as it acted as an insulating layer from the -20 degree windchill. The ground not being frozen also helped mitigate flooding as it was able to absorb moisture that of course would've run and pooled over frozen ground. But alas, we always want normal weather. So if it's not going to happen this week or next, then hopefully the next.

*THE FINAL WINTER SHARE PICK UP IS NEXT WEEK* That's right, the final Winter Share pick up of the 2022 season will be the week of the 16th with normal pick up days on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 6:00. This is always a special share as we do our Winter Bulk Sale at the same time! We offer discounts on veggies that you can custom order ahead of time. Everybody in the Winter Share will receive an email with availability and ordering instructions. If you are not in the Winter Share, but want to participate in the Winter Bulk Sale please email us with 'Winter Bulk Sale' as the subject.


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