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Week of Dec. 5th- Finally

Well, ever since March we have been go-go-going and now it seems like we get to take a breath. Every March marks the beginning of a marathon that at times you have to sprint. Usually around August you start asking 'Why did I sign up for this marathon?', but by December all of the hardest work is behind us. So, like finishing a marathon, we look back and are proud of everything we've accomplished this season.

We do have one more Winter Share pick up in December, but not this week. This week is an "off week" for the Winter Share and we will be distributing shares again the week of the 12th.

So we aren't going to take this slower paced week for granted. It's time to start enjoying the holidays and time with family and friends (all the ones we don't see much during the Summer). Make sure to take a breath and start enjoying this time of year, too. And be kind to everyone, including strangers.

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