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Wait List and Farm Update

We have been emailing the wait list this past week to fill our remaining open shares for the 2022 season. If you've received an email from us about signing up please do so soon so you don't miss out on remaining openings. If you have not received an email from us yet, then look for one in the coming week about your spot on the wait list. It does take a few seasons to get into the share once you are on the wait list. We apologize for this, but as mentioned previously, we are limited by the amount of farmland we have access to as well as a few other limiting factors. Of course we would love to grow food for everyone who wanted it!

As for the farm right now, we are largely gonna take February off from farm correspondence. We have been working our tails off for way too long. It took the pandemic to make us realize we need some serious rest and some separation from the farm and all it's constant needs and demands. We are going to be building a new greenhouse during the month, and turning our farming brains off for a bit.

I remember hating the month of February when I was in high school, because even though it is the shortest month, it always seemed to drag on the longest. College started shifting my mindset, but farming has made me love February. It usually has some of the coldest temperatures, but also is the month day length really starts to change. We reach 10 hours of daylight in February, and things start growing again. Now the month of February is too short and I wish it would drag on a bit more ;)

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