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Summer Share Week #20 of 20-10/17+10/19: Final Summer Share PLUS Potato Sale

This week marks the final Summer Share pick up of the 2023 season! What an amazing year we've had! Thanks to everyone who supported the farm this year. If you want to save your spot for 2024 please remember to submit your renewal form this final week. Forms will again be available at the share barn if you need one, just bring your payment with you (cash or check only).

**ALSO** we will be having a POTATO SALE!! What?? I said it...a POTATO SALE ;) Organic potatoes can be insanely difficult to find. We've had an amazing potato season thanks largely to the rainy summer we had (not everything enjoyed the weather, but the potatoes did). So we will be offering bulk amounts of all kindsa varieties at the final share pick up. They will be available for $15 per 10 lbs or $20 for 20 lbs! Our potatoes are great for storing, so if you aren't in the Winter Share, but want to enjoy our veggies past the final Summer pick up then bring cash or check and grab your favorite taters!

FYI: The Winter Share will be starting Tuesday the 31st and Thursday November 2nd.

The final Summer Share of the year will include: sweet potatoes, potatoes, squashes, onions, carrots, beets, cauliflower, radishes, head lettuce, bunched greens, kale, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, fennel, kohlrabi, salad turnips, garlic, leeks, and butternut!

The final Fruit Share will include all the best apples and pears WNY can grow!

And of course Savage Wheat Project will be here for the final pick up, too


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