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Summer Share #17 of 20- 9/27+9/29 It's Fall

**Share renewals for current members for the 2023 season will start next week!!;)**

Well the first part of last week felt like any week all Summer long. Then came Fall. Immediately. On the first day of Fall ;). The weather had been unseasonably warm for so long Thursday felt downright cold. And skip ahead if you don't want to hear this may frost this Thursday night. Eeks. We're ready for it. We had already planned for the last outside pepper, eggplant, and tomato harvest this week anyway. We do have these crops in tunnels still, so it hopefully won't be the last week for them. But their days are numbered, lets put it that way.

With all this incoming rain, we are going to catch up on some Summer clean up and also some veggie clean up. All of the storage onions for winter are still in the greenhouses curing and need to be bagged up. And the garlic! We have to clean a bunch more for the Summer shares and then also bust the rest to put back in the ground for next year. All things we can do in the rain. It does push pause on all of our major harvests, like sweet potatoes. We have half the crop out of the ground, but if it does freeze on Thursday night, then we would have a week to get them all out of the ground because the frost will damage the foliage, which can then travel to the tubers. Also eek!

So I hope you've gathered that I am not just mentioning the weather like you do when a conversation is getting awkward, our every day (especially in the shoulder seasons) revolves around whatever the heck Mother Nature is up to. We are Bills fans, and are excited they won their home opener. But if I hear another pre-game show talk over and over about whether it is going to rain during a tailgate again and how fans might not be able to tailgate as long, I'm gonna lose it. Srsly. Go Bills.

This week's share will include winter squashes, potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, cabbage, kohlrabi, peppers, eggplant, hopefully cauliflower, celery, radicchio, fennels, brussels sprout crowns, bok choy, bunched greens, napa cabbage, and tomatoes!

The fruit share will have grapes, peaches, apples, and pears.

Don't forget your Savage Wheat Project order either. You can order a-la-carte from her website or nab a 'grab-and-go' bag at the share (and pay cash, venmo) for it.

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