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Summer Share #1 of 20- 6/4+6/6: Welcome Back!

Woohoo the Summer Share is starting this week! We just sent out reminder emails to everyone who is signed up for the share. Some email addresses repeatedly bounce when we send them, so if you did not receive and email this might have happened again.

The first share of the season is always filled with leafy green vegetables. Why is that? Because it's still Springtime (even though Memorial Day is the 'unofficial' start of Summer, the actual start of Summer is June 20th which is also the longest day of the year). So Summer crops like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, and corn have only just been planted into the ground within the last couple of weeks. Most of these crops take a minimum of 60 days to mature. As for Spring crops, they can handle the cold. Some of these crops have been in the ground since the middle of April! PLUS some of these crops only take 40 days to mature. And that is why you're getting all the leafy green goodness in the early shares, and you'll have to wait until July to start seeing any Summer crops in the share. It's just the reality of living in our climate. It's all amazing! How lucky are we to have such diversity in our food based on the seasons!

I just want to remind everyone to please drive carefully and slowly in the parking lot when you are coming and going from the farm all season. There are many young children around enjoying the farm, too.

Bring your final payment with you (if you have a balance) to your first pick up. If your pick up day is Tuesdays, then we will see you on the 4th from 2:00 to 6:30. If your pick up day is Thursdays, then we'll see you on the 6th from 2:00 to 6:30. Remember to text the farm during your regular pick up hours if you want us to bag a share for you to pick up after hours. More info in that email we sent!

Make sure to read signage and ask questions! It's always best to meet new situations with curiosity instead of judgement. There will always be someone around to answer your questions.

And with that we are off! The first share of the season will include: salad radishes and turnips, spring garlic, bunched greens, bok choy, spinach, and head lettuce.

Plus, The Savage Wheat Project will be here all week. Make sure to check them out.

Let's gooooooooo!

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