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Spring Share Week #3 of 5: 5/9+5/11

Here we are in the middle of the Spring Share (which is not the Summer Share) and it's finally feeling like Spring might be here. Last week was a bit brutal, but I'm thankful we only got 1 inch over all those gloomy, dreary, muddy days. But I think we will be putting the pedal to the metal here soon ;)

As for the Spring veggies, their growth slowed significantly during these cold days. I know everyone might point to the 80 degree days we had at the beginning of April, but overall the Spring has been cold! Kinda like the Winter's snowfall was 'average' even though it all came within a few major storm events. So here's hoping for some normal weather.

This week's Spring Share will include bunched greens, salad radishes and other roots, herbs, lettuce mix, spinach, and radish shoots. We are hoping our asparagus will start jumping in the warming weather!


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