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Share Week #14 of 20-No Share Pick Up This Week ;)

That's right, if you haven't read the email sent last week, or the blog last week, or the sign in front of the share room last week and the week before, or the sign in the share room last week and the week before, or the sign just outside the exit door last week, then this is for you:

**There is no share pick up this week!**

The share barn will be closed, but the U-Pick fields will be open during regular pick up hours Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-6:30. All U-Pick rules are still relevant for this week.

These farmers need a small break after having worked all the other holidays over the Summer. Getting through August (or 'Slaugust' as we like to put it), is a feet when you are a mixed vegetable farmer in a climate that has snow in the Winter! Though we will be working the rest of the week, this week will be a good gathering step for us to prepare for the Fall and Winter.

Happy back to school week; we hope everyone enjoys this last weekend before we all pivot together #ItTakesAVillage


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