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If you are interested in signing up for a CSA Share, but missed out this year here's what to do now

1) Make sure to email us: Email and let us know you want to be on the wait list for the following growing season. We will then be able to contact you to sign up for next year.

2) Save our email address as 'Safe': This is an important step! We use mass emails in order to be able to communicate with hundreds of families. If our emails are blocked from your inbox you will not be able to receive important information about how and when to sign up. Save our email address in your address book. Look in your spam folder. If you find an email form us there mark is as 'safe' and move it to your inbox.

**The farm is not responsible for un-received emails blocked from your inbox**

3) Stay in touch: Keep up with the farm throughout the growing season by checking out the blog every once in a while through out the year. Information about signing up for next year will be posted there as well. If your email changes please make sure to notify us. We are also on Instagram @therootdownfarm

4) Receive an invitation to join: After you receive an email from the farm at the end of the current year containing a sign-up form, make sure to respond as-soon-as-possible! This assures a spot in the CSA. Just because you are on the wait list does not mean you are guaranteed a share in the upcoming season.

        ***If you are on the wait list and are contacted to join, but do not respond you will be dropped from the wait list. In order to stay on the list you must then email us again to be added back to the list. If you are on the wait list and are not contacted to join your name will remain on the wait list for the following season.

5) Download the CSA Sign Up Form: In order to reserve a share, you must send us the sign up form and a payment. If you do not send in a payment you have not reserved your share. 

6) Hooray, You're In: Look for a confirmation email from the farm with information on the upcoming year.

**If you did not get in please email the farm to again get on the wait list for the next year. The farm does not hold on to emails from the previous wait list.
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