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Allis Chalmers Model G Electric Conversion

We love "G's" as we call them here at the farm. Most of these tractors were built in the 1940's, but have found their niche in today's small vegetable farms. We currently own three of them and converted one to electric power in 2011. This is what we did.​

(Pic at Left) After being stripped of it's engine, gas tank, and old electrical components the 'G' looked pretty bare.
(Below left)Using a process and conversion kit developed by Flying Beet Farm through a grant, Steve began the conversion process. We began by cleaning up the bell housing, plugging holes for old components, and painting it. 
(Immediate left) Once the bell housing was prepped we installed the adapter plate and bolted on the motor, and motor controller.  The electric motor we installed is actually more powerful than the original gasoline engine, and much much quieter!!!
(Below Left) Now we started the difficult job of wiring the batteries together and then to the motor.  Luckily we had some great help from Electric Vehicles of America, a company dedicated to electric vehicles and my Father and his workshop. 
(Right) Well, we're proud to say that everything worked perfectly on the first try.  There will be small adjustments to make here and there but we're looking forward to using our quiet, more sustainable electric tractor to help grow your vegetables.  Ask to see it if you're interested.