Winter Share #7 of 8: 1/19+1/21 To Panic Or Not To Panic : Root Down Farm Ramblings
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Winter Share #7 of 8: 1/19+1/21 To Panic Or Not To Panic

by Erin and Steve on 01/16/21

Did you know that in late March/early April of last year there was enough toilet paper on shelves of stores, in people's homes, and in the works to wipe every single person's behind? It's true. However, something sparked a panic insinuating that somehow COVID miraculously overnight caused the whole toilet paper supply chain to stop! People bought way too much TP and then some were left without. Now said TP hoarders still have their hoards, but I'm not sure they learned a lesson. And what lesson would that be? Simple: if we all looked out for each other there would be enough. Look at each other as family, and then put that family above self. Simple. But it only works if most everyone buys in... I'm in.
This week we started signing up new members for the 2021 growing season. People on Wait List "A" all received emails with info and how to sign up. If you did not receive an email yet it is because we haven't gotten to your place in line yet. If you cannot wear a mask to the farm please do not sign up, and then please re-read the first paragraph of this post.
There is a Winter Share this week and it will include: carrots, beets, potatoes, winter squash, celery root, turnips, radishes, onions, kale, kohlrabi, and cabbage, as well as head lettuce and other goodies from the farm!
The puzzle exchange in the share room is going great! Feel free to bring a puzzle and/or take a puzzle while you're here picking up your veggies.

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1. Judy said on 1/21/21 - 11:26AM
Absolutely loved the cooked beets you made us for the last pickup!!!

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