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Winter Share #6 of 8- 1/5+1/7: Happy New Year

by Erin and Steve on 01/02/21

**We will be emailing the wait list for this upcoming season soon**
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Steve and I spent our first Christmas together with just the two of us. That's right, every single Christmas since we met has been spent with family of some sort somewhere. Now if you live around your whole entire family and married someone who's whole family is also from around here, then this may sound odd to you. My closest family member lives 5 hours away. Steve's closest family member lives 3.5 hours away. So in a non-pandemic world we travel, because though 5 hours isn't that bad in a car, once you drive it you're staying for at least one night. So we travel and stay on air mattresses, small old beds, floors, and couches, and though it is great to spend time with loved ones it is by no means relaxing or rejuvenating. Fun, but after a long season not very restful.
So this year we stayed at home. It is also the first Christmas we've ever spent with our dogs Arlo and Linus, and I think they loved it, too because they got their own Christmas dinner. In a nod to Steve's late Grandma Rosemary we made lasagna on Christmas Eve (think back to when his Grandma had all her grandchildren at her house and had to feed them all the night before the big Christmas pasta ;). We made it without noodles and instead did layers of roasted parsnips, celeriac, and cabbage. Layers and layers and layers of roasted veg with cheese and our own tomato sauce in between each.
Then for Christmas Day we had a ham steak (because why would 2 people need an entire ham!), kale salad, and halupki... another nod to Steve's Grandma's Christmas traditions. Halupki is very, very similar to galumpki, but Slovakian not Polish. Christmas cookies and homemade fruit cake for desert.
It was enough leftovers to make it all the way to New Year's Eve, which we usually spend together. We do not traditionally go out to eat on this night so we have our own tradition of going to Hayes' Seafood market and buy what's fresh and looks good that day. We then make our own pasta to eat with it. This year we made linguini with our own basil pesto topped with a mixture of our shallots, olives, and peppers with some spices mixed in next to a swordfish steak. We like to put Chambord in our Champagne so we had that too. Dessert was chocolate and more cookies of course.
So all in all we ate too much, slept amazingly well and were even able to do personal projects during this time, as well as read entire books (what!!??) and build an ungodly amount of puzzles. Our Christmas presents are still trickling in, which is kinda fun. And for our family we bought gift certificates to their local restaurants and bakeries. Which as I type this it making me want to order take out soon!
Anyway, that's what we did and we had the most relaxing holiday in a very long while. We also got to see family via Zoom so we saw and talked to everyone we would've. Of course we didn't get to play board games with them, which is sometimes the most fun, but we will be able to do that soon as well. I hope all you all were able to find peace and happiness at some point this holiday.
As for the Winter Share (oh yeah that's what this post is supposed to be about) it will include: carrots, beets, celery root, potatoes, winter radishes, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, kale, cabbage, winter squash, leeks, kohlrabi, onions, bok choy, and spinach, head lettuce, and even more!

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1. Judy said on 1/2/21 - 06:42PM
So glad you were able to enjoy the holidays. Happy New Year!

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