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Winter Share #6: 1/7+1/10 Down Time

by Erin and Steve on 01/04/19

***The next Winter Share pick up is in the Root Cellar at the other corner of the parking lot. Look for the sign and the lights***
I usually keep up with the blog and our Instagram social media account (@therootdownfarm or if you wanna just see updated pictures click on the icon above on the right that looks like a camera) over the holidays, but this year's holiday schedule was a bit more hectic. So I didn't do any keeping all. And I feel okay about that. It is always a delicate balance, for anyone who runs a business from their home, to separate life and work. As the years go on I need more and more separation, which is soooooo difficult!
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. Now we are getting excited for an even more successful 2019! I know you might get sick of this, but there's even more changes coming for the 2019. If you've driven by the farm at all recently you may notice the trees being cleared, and some kept and cleaned up, behind the farmstead. We are planning on adding more high tunnels (unheated greenhouses) and more small fields in order to continue to grow vegetables in the best way possible. Improvements take time, unfortunately. But fortunately they are happening (I may or may not be the most patient person).
From now on the Winter Share pick up will take place in the root cellar. The root cellar is the small white building on the opposite corner of the parking lot from the barn. The yellow sign will be by the door and there are outdoor lights on the building that will be on. The space is heated, so we always do pick ups from this building in January and February. This is what is in this week's share: potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, parsnips, celeriac, rutabegas, winter radishes, kohlrabi, leeks, cabbage, kale, squash, and more options! See you in the root cellar.

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