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Winter Share #4 of 8: 12/1+12/3 It's December Already

by Erin and Steve on 11/29/20

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you all did too! We had 2 Zoom calls and we got to see people we wouldn't normally see, which was awesome. I have cousins in Alaska, Oregon, Michigan, and aunts and uncles in Michigan and Illinois and we all got to see each other this year. And we also got to see Steve's family which we never see on Thanksgiving because we are always in Michigan! This will be a Thanksgiving to remember, and I know that the reason is a global pandemic so of course I am not happy about that, but it made me think of the other memorable Thanksgivings I've had.
Plus we had amazing food, too. We made a chicken instead of a turkey. We had mashed potatoes with parsnips and yogurt, roasted carrots, stuffing, and kale and napa salad. I also made a pumpkin apple pie because I wanted both kinds, but didn't want to make 2 pies for 2 people. Then the next day I made biscuits out of the leftover mashed potatoes and biscotti out of the leftover baked pumpkin (which was butternut squash).
But now that we have all collectively eaten too much it's time for another share pick up. This week's share will include: potatoes, carrots, beets, squashes, celeriac, salad turnips and radishes, fennel, parsnips, arugula, scallions, onions, bok choy, kale and leeks, cabbage, kabocha squash, and lettuce mix for everyone.

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