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Winter Share #1 of 8: 11/5+11/8 Where Did October Go?

by Erin and Steve on 11/03/18

Seriously. Where did October go? I can't believe the Summer Share for the 2018 season is over and the first Winter Share is starting already. I think all this rain and just awful dreary weather is the culprit. But we are excited to keep trooping along and continuing to harvest for the Winter Share (we are a bit behind because of the mud, but the hardest things are done for the year!).
So I have to say thanks to all you cold hardy Winter Share members because I always eat seasonally. Not just because I grow and preserve it all, but because it is what my mind and body craves this time of year. You've already heard me harp on about if you're feeling helpless about climate change, the easiest thing you can do is eat locally with the seasons (it drastically cuts down on jet fuel use ;), but also I think it is important to invest some of my time in preparing food to eat; good food. So I want to say to everyone that it is worth it to take time out of your day to invest in learning, preparing and eating seasonal vegetables and it's a great an investment in your children's future to be able to learn, too. Yes you have to put money aside to help send your kids to college, or help pay for their would-be wedding, but investing time in teaching them to take care of their health will also help them live a long, healthy life.
Sorry to go on, but everyone is so busy these days and I just do not believe that lack of time to eat well is a good excuse. I'm just saying it's well worth everyone's time and energy.
So let me step off my soapbox and tell you what is in the first Winter Share of the season: potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, beets, parsnips, purple top turnips, daikon radishes, kohlrabi, greens, parsley, scallions, celery, brussels sprouts, garlic, fresh ginger, chard, kale and collards. We also always have apples from Bittner-Singer Orchards. Just FYI as most of you know we are adamant about growing EVERYTHING we provide in our CSA vegetable shares. We are also very up front about the fact that none of the fruit in the fruit shares (and apples in the Winter Share) is grown by us. If ever there is a big crop failure and we feel a share needs to be supplemented by purchasing from another certified organic farm, then we will let you know that via labels in the share room. I am passionate about what we do and our growing practices, so if you are ever curious about anything or just want to have a conversation about it please come ask me in the share room.
Alright..bring on the Winter Share Season!

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