Week #16 of 21: 9/22+9/24 Chill Out : Root Down Farm Ramblings
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Week #16 of 21: 9/22+9/24 Chill Out

by Erin and Steve on 09/20/20

The Winter Share has sold out. Thanks to everyone who signed up! We also had a good turnout for the Case Sale, too, yesterday. It was the first time we've done that so it looks like we may try to do that again!
Yesterday was a beautiful day that I'm sure had you thinking of Fall. Which is no joke, the first full day of Fall is this Wednesday! Usually this time of year I'm trying to slow people down to savor the last few days of Summer while people are running as fast as they can into Pumpkin lattes, Octoberfest beer and corn stalk decorating. But something was different this year. It is more like I'm telling people Fall is coming. It seems like the pandemic really has slowed people down, which may be a good thing (not the pandemic though of course!). We had to cover tender vegetation out in the field so that it wouldn't get damaged by the frost. It is the earliest frost we've experienced and we were not ready to say goodbye to all the peppers and eggplants out in the fields. There are some tomatoes, too but most of the rest of those are under protection of the high tunnels. This year continues to be a challenge.
But the shares continue to be big, which is something we should all be celebrating. I sometimes get a long face from a member saying that some of the share is 'going to waste'. My reply: does nothing you buy from the grocery store ever 'go to waste?'. Having an abundant harvest because your farmers are frickin killing it this year is a good problem...if you want to call it a problem at all. It means given the extreme weather challenges this year we've rose to the occasion. We've continue to make improvements year after year. The land is responding to regenerative techniques and yields per square foot keep increasing. When you aren't here to grab your share we are donating it to the Clarence Food Pantry. In my mind there is nothing negative about supporting a local food system that will be there when giant conglomerates around the country fail due to say...a pandemic, and you have more food in your fridge, on your plate, or in your stomach than maybe you can handle this week (while you're saving the moola mind you). It's not a problem. It's a solution ;)
This week's share will include: Winter/Fall squashes, carrots, beets, peppers, eggplant, salad turnips, onions, brussels sprout tops, lettuce mix, greens, kohlrabi, zucchini, bok choy, kale, and tomatoes, spaghetti squash, and spinach for everyone.
The fruit share will include peaches, apples, pears, and seedless table grapes.
Renewal for current members for the 2021 season will start the first full week of October!

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