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The Long Weekend

by Erin and Steve on 05/29/21

Memorial Day is always said to mark the "unofficial start of Summer". I used to fight this sentiment tooth and nail because Summer doesn't start until June 20th. I just wanted people to know that tomatoes and eggplants and other Summer fruits shouldn't be expected at the 'unofficial start of Summer'. Just cause the weather is warm doesn't mean the plants are ready ;) Now it seems people are more aware of the seasonality of local produce so I've learned to let go of this cause.
As kids we used to spend Memorial Day visiting and tending the graves of  our family members and some family friends. We would place flowers and pull weeds if needed. They aren't all in the same cemetery, so it would take the morning. We would visit people I had known of and people I hadn't. We would visit my parent's second cousins whom I never knew in life, but memorialized in death to honor their life. I never understood it as a kid, but the memories obviously stayed alive in my mind. I understand it now and am thankful we used to do it. Now I don't live in the same town anymore and so we don't visit them on Memorial Day, but every year I still think of them.

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1. Carol Skop said on 6/5/21 - 01:20PM
Thanks for sharing that memory. That’s what we did this year. It seems that children aren’t learning the meaning of the day. I’m glad you did.

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