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Summer Share Week #22 of 22: Final Share...Frowny Face

by Erin and Steve on 10/27/18

For everyone who was in the 2018 Summer Share season thank you so much for supporting your neighborhood farm! We had a wonderful and successful year that wouldn't have been so wonderful without you. We'd love to see your smiling face again next season, so please remember to turn in your share renewal form to hold your spot for next season! The very last Summer Share pick up is this week and it is going to feel a bit more like Winter. But we'll try our very best to make it warm and bright inside the share room.
The rain continues to dominate the Fall, which kinda sucks because Fall is my favorite season! Usually the sun comes out to shine on the changing leaves, but we haven't seen much of the sun as of late. We were able to get next year's garlic in the ground just before the next large system started this weekend. I feel like we are lucky for this. We have begun our Winter Share harvest haul, but are a bit behind because of the rains (but what's new really?).
So don't forget to ask any questions or say hello and/or goodbye this week while you are picking up your share that will include: potatoes, winter squashes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, kohlrabi, radicchio, peppers, scallions, edamame, kale, chard, greens, butternut squash (again...we have a lot!), lettuce, brussels sprouts, leeks, celery and fresh ginger.
The final fruit share will include apple cider and quince, apples, and pears.

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