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Summer Share Week #11 of 22: Halfway

by Erin and Steve on 08/11/19

Week 11 is always a week to note during the CSA season because it marks the halfway point for the Summer Share. For us it marks a shift in energy from frantic and crazy to maintaining and harvesting. Mostly by this point you can look at the fields and literally reap what we've sown. The struggles of the season are apparent at this point (cool, and wet seems to be the theme for this year) as well as the successes. The end date for cover cropping is rapidly approaching; mid-September marks the last date for summer cover crops. The typical first frost of the season is 2 months out which is a deadline for getting some crops out of the fields. I'm happy because by the end of this month hopefully the bugs will take a chill pill.
Following that thought, I just want to make sure that everybody knows we grow all the vegetables and melons and herbs and flowers at the farm. This is the way we've always operated. Every piece of veg you put in your mouth has been seeded by hand in the greenhouse, or by a push seeder in the field, or a pull-type seeder that is pulled by our tractor. Our fields are on the corner of Shimerville and Roll Roads. There is 25+ acres on that corner. I have to make a statement like this every year because we get some strange questions in the share room. The latest one was:
Customer: "Where were these tomatoes grown?"
Share room volunteer: "In the field."
Customer: "Are they local?"
I try not to get worked up over questions like that last one because in my mind I've put so much of my life energy into growing great tasting and healthy vegetables (and melons) for people that it is an insult to me when someone asks me where I've purchased produce. We don't purchase produce. Only the fruit share is purchased because we do not have orchards and our CSA customers wanted access to local fruit. The fruit in the fruit shares are not annuals; we grow annuals.
I would encourage anyone to come talk to me and ask questions about our produce because I've seeded, grown, tended, and harvested it all. The share pick up takes place at my home and all this means a lot to me. It's important to me that our community has access to produce grown without synthetic chemicals (ie organic) that is super fresh and connects people to a specific piece of farmland. In turn I hope our community as a whole is healthier, happier, and connected. This is also important to me.
So I know last week's share was huge, but this week's share is equally awesome. It includes: potatoes, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers (yes, more cukes...enjoy them while they are here, they do not like this cool stormy weather), carrots, beets, cabbage, onions, peppers, fennel, chard, scallions, lettuce mix, cantaloupes, garlic, and tomatoes.
The fruit share will include apricots, clingstone peaches, nectarines, and hopefully plums.
The first cherry tomatoes of the season are ready in the upick field!

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