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Summer Share #9 of 21: 8/4+8/6 Bye July

by Erin and Steve on 08/02/20

I've talked a lot on here about the odd ways time passes, usually too quickly. I try my best to create new memories, do new things, in order to make time seem like it lasts instead of flying by. This pursuit has led me to live in 14 different states in my life (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Maine, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachussetts, and New York) and I have explored all the states but 6. The longest I've stayed in one place is to farm on this land. In this time we've made wonderful friends. We've also met wonderful people from our customers to the chefs and restaurant owners we produce for. After 10 years of farming this land I keep inspired by working alongside people who love food and farms, too. This manifests itself in conversations I have mainly with chefs and farmers that grow in a manner similar to us in the area.
If you didn't know, we supply produce to Elm Street Bakery, The Grange Community Kitchen, Sienna, Farmers and Artisans, 800 Maple (a new comer), and The Little Club on a regular basis along with some others. The chefs at these restaurants keep me engaged and inspired to be better at my job, and have pushed me in ways I'm sure they are not aware of. I am thankful for it, and am a better farmer for it.
One chef I have had a lot of conversations with, Dan Borelli, has just passed away. I'm sad today. I feel like some of the success we've had over the years is in part because of Dan sharing his passion with me. I wish he were still here.
Instead our farm community marches forward with one less person, all watching out for each other from afar.
This week we are putting in some of the last seedlings in the fields. We just planted kale that will be harvested through February. Sometimes planting Winter crops seems like an act of faith (February is a half a year away). The world today is already different than it was yesterday, but the farm always brings us back and puts our feet on the ground. Come pandemic, elections, storms or whatever this year has in store, we sow seeds and grow food to harvest during the shortest days of the year. We tend the soil now knowing that people will need food, and that since we are able we should grow it.
This week's share will include: Zucchini, summer squashes, beets, carrots, fresh onions, scallions, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, fennel, head lettuce, radicchio, potatoes, and chard as well as tomatoes and melons for everyone.

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1. Carol Skop said on 8/5/20 - 09:56AM
So sorry for your loss of a friend. You are, indeed, a valued friend to us, your customers. Thank you for supplying us with wonderful food. You are a treasure and we are glad your wanderlust hasn’t taken you away from here. We love you both, Erin and Steve.

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