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Summer Share #8 of 20 7/27+7/29- Dolly Parton

by Erin and Steve on 07/25/21

If you ever click on this blog and think to yourself something along the lines of 'What the heck is she talking about now?', then just read the Subject line above. It usually is exactly what I'm talking about or the key to the punchline. Now maybe you're wondering why I'm not wondering that if readers can't tell what I'm talking about, then maybe I'm not that great of a writer. To that I say, "No duh", I'm not paid to write professionally. I just do it sometimes ;)
So, to my point. A wise woman once said 'Don't get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life', and that wise woman is Dolly Parton. I've loved Dolly Parton since I was in 5th grade when a friend of mine made me a mix tape with Dolly's song Jolene on it. I've always admired her sense of humor and wit as well as her amazing songwriting abilities. I watched the movie '9 to 5' many times as a kid, which may or may not've been age appropriate, but I understood the plot.
Sometimes when you are a small business owner you get into it because you are insanely passionate about it. So passionate that you may even sacrifice too much and forget to work on making a life that exists outside of it. I've definitely gone too far giving way too much of myself to our farm and our business. So much so that at one point I had given up all of my hobbies. There was a moment in 2015 when both my car registration and license had expired (we had moved twice and I did not update the DMV), but felt like I couldn't even leave the farm during business hours in July to update them. That was a red flag.
Maybe Dolly wouldn't like me calling her an 'elder', but it is important to listen to our wisest elders and heed the words of their experiences and the words of their elders.
Here's to a happy, healthy week! This week's share will include zucchini, summer squash, carrots, beets, fresh onions, cucumbers, new potatoes, peppers, head lettuce, kale, chard, fennel, scallions, garlic, cabbage, and tomatoes. The sweet corn is just on the cusp so if we don't have it this week it'll be ready next week.
The fruit share will (hopefully) include cherries, peaches, and plums. I apologize for not knowing exactly, but the crazier the Spring weather is every year the less predictable the weekly harvest is.
Don't forget the Savage Wheat Project and your Providence Creek Meat share pick up this week.
**Look for a Buffalo News article on Emily Savage of the Savage Wheat Project soon

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