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Summer Share #7 of 21: 7/21+7/23 It's Gettin Real

by Erin and Steve on 07/19/20

We are at a point in the season where the farm is now set up to start pumping out food. Any mistakes or missteps are now going to be fleshed out in lower yields (but there's always next year to correct those, haha) come harvest time. We are still putting plants and seeds in the ground, but not at the same rate; the planting season is largely over. We now have to take care of the crops already in the field, and make quick decisions about harvests, weeds, pests, and fertility. We are still 'in the struggle' right now and have some time to make some corrections and saves, but not for long. The weeds are firing on all cylinders right now, and will be for another month.
We are also staying vigilant against the pandemic 'struggle'. I hope you all are to. Keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask even around friends and distant family can save lives. It's when we think it's over and done and put our guards down that COVID will come roaring back (case and point Florida, Texas, and California). Wearing a mask affords people more freedoms at this point in time.
I'm not sure how many of you were or are aware of how sick I was at the end of the season last year. Some of you noticed I wasn't in the share room much at all, and in fact I wasn't able to work much either. I didn't know it at the time, but I now know I had pneumonia (a respiratory illness). I had it for 5 months before I was able to finally kick it. It left my lungs injured and I developed asthma. It has been a weird journey for me at 39 to have to learn about what asthma is and how to help myself. I use an inhaler every morning, and sometimes another one throughout the day as needed (yes, I'm on 2 different inhalers). To this day my lungs haven't felt the same...there are times I completely forget about it, but every day at some point I have to manage my breathing. I wear a mask in public, in close quarters with our employees, and for the 4 1/2 hours 2 times a week I spend in the share room. And I wear it to keep you healthy, thanks for wearing yours to keep me healthy.
We are still working on getting more fruit for the fruit share, we are sorry that right now all there is is cherries...once we make it through this stretch of time where the fruit flowers were zapped by the cold May temperatures there will be an abundance of variety of fruit, of course I hope that farms have labor to pick it all by then too.
As for the vegetables, they are kickin right now. This is what will be in the share this week: zucchini, summer squashes, cucumbers, salad turnips, beets, carrots, fresh onions, cabbage, scallions, potatoes, head lettuce and tomatoes, and garlic for everyone as well as a choice of radicchio, escarole and chard.
If you are going to U-pick this week you must have your own scissors and you must use scissors. If you do not have scissors you cannot pick flowers or herbs as you will pull the plants out of the ground which will kill them and then no one can harvest them srsly.

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