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Summer Share #7 of 20: 7/20+7/22 Childhood Memories

by Erin and Steve on 07/18/21

We always had cable as long as I can remember growing up (funny I have never had it in my adult years). We also had HBO, which at the time, was a big deal because it played mostly movies. We would then record our favorite movies with the VCR so we could watch them when we wanted. One that I remember is War Games staring Matthew Broderick, who also played Ferris Bueller if you're trying to recollect who he is. The gist of War Games is that during the Cold War the US Military decides that people shouldn't be in charge of the nuclear codes. Instead it would be more strategic for computers to be in charge. So a program is designed by the government to learn as much about war as possible by running simulations and gaining knowledge by playing games as well. And if you've already guessed that a young hacker unknowingly hacks the system thinking he is playing a war simulation game, then you've guessed what leads to the climax of the movie. Broderick's character, who was playing a war simulation as the Soviets, eventually realizes it's not a game and tries to warn the military but is arrested instead. The military believes that the Soviets are in fact attacking the US as the computer is indicating. Fast forwarding a bit, Broderick escapes and with the help of the system's creator convinces the military to stand down. When the supposed attacks from Russia never happen it is apparent that no one else was on the other side launching an attack. Now they have to convince the computer to stand down and not attack. In order to make the computer realize and learn not to attack, they order it to play tic-tac-toe against itself. It becomes a lesson in futility playing out on screen. Each game of tic-tac-toe ends in a draw. Once the computer realizes there are no-win scenarios in life it shuts down and doesn't attack. Of course during this period people are coming to realize how important the "two person rule" is in order to safeguard against unwarranted attacks (because two people need to agree for nuclear launch to happen). In the end "the only winning move is not to play". I remember that line. Why am I telling you this? Because I can't stress enough how important human interaction is. And I mean human interaction with people who are not like you. Real human interaction. Facebook or a comment section on some topic absolutely do not count. Though there are real people behind those screens they would not act the same if they were actually interacting with real people. You need the two person real life. But instead people are seeking out groups of others online, or on any screen really, who think exactly like they do instead of talking to real community members. It leads to people living War Games in their minds that no one else is playing. I'm sorry for the ramble, but I recently thought about that movie made in the 1980's and how much it still applies to all of our lives right now. Now to actually talk about the farm (see I didn't complain about the rain, yet ;) The Summer crops are coming in bit by bit, which means we some some, but not tons of some of our crops. For instance the eggplants are starting this week, so the crop will probably peak in about 3 weeks, but we'll have some this week. It's very exciting! This week's share will include: Squash, carrots, potatoes, beets, cucumbers, fresh onions, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, scallions, fennel, kohlrabi, lettuce, and tomatoes! The fruit share will include cherries, plums, and apricots Don't forget about the Savage Wheat Project orders, too.

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