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Summer Share #6 of 21: 7/12+7/14 Over It

by Erin and Steve on 07/12/20

**A reminder to anyone calling the farm to bag a share for you. Please do not show up before 6:30 expecting your share to be ready. We serve customers in the share room until then and sometimes they run late. It happens. If you could aim for 6:45 or later that would be the best. Also, please wait in your car if someone else is picking up their bagged share the moment you get to the farm. Give them space. They are picking up after hours so that they do not have to come in contact with anyone. Thank you.**

The heat this past week has changed a lot of the crops on the farm. The last planting of broccoli couldn't handle the heat and threw in the towel before we could harvest it. Other crops in the broccoli family are also not so great in the heat, but the Summer crops are My mind wasn't ready to accept the reality of what the high temperatures would mean for the farm last week, but now that the week is over I'm ready to welcome the Summer crops with open arms! Think squashes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, and sweet corn. All of these crops like the heat, even if the farmers don't. So as long as we can keep everything irrigated, because until yesterday it hadn't really rained in over 10 days, then these crops will hopefully be entering the share room soon.
I do have some bad news, too. The cucumbers we planted before the heat couldn't handle the transition from greenhouse to the field when it was that hot last week and we lost over half of them. This, of course, made me sad because the last few seasons our cucumber crop has been bountiful...but not this year :( We will continue to have some every week, but not as much as usual. Oh well, every season it is something.
So this is the 'strange' in between part of the share when the Spring crops can't grow anymore (including spinach...don't ask me about only grows during cooler times of the year...if you ever wonder why our spinach tastes so good it is because it is in season...that other spinach-like spinach you get at the grocery store isn't in season, doesn't taste as good, and isn't as nutrient dense as our spinach is in don't ask me about spinach someone will ask me about spinach this week), but the Summer crops are juuust starting to mature. So embrace the in between because it happens every year.
This week's share will include: zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, beets, carrots, salad turnips, scallions, radicchio, onions, new potatoes (these are small, fresh potatoes with very thin skin...yes they are supposed to be small....just take the small ones...they taste the best anyway), kale, and chard as well as a choice of cabbage or escarole and also head lettuce.
The fruit share will again be cherries. We are trying to find fruit to replace the apricot and early plum season (which would be starting now), but are having problems. You may have heard it on the news, but I am here to tell you farmers are having real problems finding staff this year for multiple reasons. So some farms and orchards that usually supply our fruit share have no one on staff to harvest their crop, and it doesn't seem like the situation will be changing soon. We'll keep searching, but as we warned before the fruit share began, we may have to skip a few weeks that would then be made up later. We are continuing to work to solve the problem and monitor the situation, but since we do not grow anything that is in the fruit share (we grow everything in the veggie shares) it is largely out of our control. Just add it to the pile of crap that 2020 has collectively dropped on us.

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