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Summer Share #6 of 20: 7/13+7/15 Farm Update

by Erin and Steve on 07/11/21

Sorry I did not blog about the share last week. It is the first time I missed a post during the share season since we started the farm in 2011. We've been a little busy. Thank you to everyone who reminded me and who had such nice things to say about the blog. I'm happy you like to read it. I am currently having some technical difficulties posting this and have already lost this post once after writing it.
The farm is coming along and overall everything is looking good. We're hoping to get more of the Summer crops into the share as they ripen. So hopefully the peppers and tomatoes will be on their way shortly. Same with the melons. I saw a few melons the size of my fist and as little as the size of my thumb. The sweet corn is tasseling and that means the ears are just starting to form. Ears of corn start with the husk around the silks. The pollen provided by the tassels catch the wind and pollinate the silks. Each silk that gets pollinated then turns into a kernel.
Generally, July is a difficult month for farmers. The bugs and the weeds an plant diseases, along with bugs that cause plant diseases, and weeds that help spread plant diseases, and you get the picture. We're still planting and harvesting, too.
I am thankful for this rain, though. We only received about an inch of rain for all of June and the beginning of July until last Thursday. But just a heads up, if it starts to rain too much I'm gonna have to complain about that, too!
This week's share will include carrots, beets, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, kohlrabi, onions, fennel, new potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, escarole, and scallions. The fruit share will be cherries. Don't forget to order your baked goods from the Savage Wheat Project.

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1. Kathy said on 7/13/21 - 09:16AM
Thanks for taking the time to write these posts. We always enjoy them!

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