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Summer Share #4 of 21: 6/30+7/2- Staying Vigilant

by Erin and Steve on 06/27/20

We are thankful for the rain we have been getting, because irrigating for long periods of time can get exhausting. Even on weekends (which are supposed to be more relaxing for us) we have to irrigate when it gets really dry, and when it's really dry it seems like you can't irrigate enough. Yes the forecast is all sun all the time with averages in the high 80's for this week, but I'm looking at the cup being half full right now (literally I wanted at a minimum a half an inch today;).
We are also already starting to clean up some areas of fields that are done for the year and only have 1 more large field, plus of course a bunch of smaller ones, to fill up before planting season is done. There's a lot to keep track of as a CSA farmer simply because of the vast array of veggies we grow, and some grow very (VERY) differently from others. I know why monocultures are a thing. How much easier would it be if I only had to think about one crop all the time? The answer is much, much easier by the way. Crops mature at different rates, too. So remembering to check on everything at the right moments becomes essential. It's the actual farming part of farming we always say. We have to stay vigilant in our observations.
This is also true for us and coronavirus, we have to stay vigilant. I want everything to be normal again. I hope for it. But you can't hope coronavirus away. We are staying vigilant by watching out for each other by staying 6 feet away from people and wearing masks.
This week's share will include salad radishes, beets, zucchini and summer squash, cabbage, scallions, garlic scapes, bok choy, fennel, radicchio, cauliflower, kale and chard as well as everyone receiving lettuce, greens and a choice of salad turnips or kohlrabi.
We are hoping the fruit share will start the week after the 4th, but haven't gotten an exact date from Bittner-Singer Orchards (who grow the cherries). The fruit share will be under the tent in front of the barn. We are going to see how it works there. People will still be required to keep a 6ft distance from their neighbor. Everyone in the fruit share will be receiving an email from the farm soon. We were also told that there are no apricots or japanese plums this season, which makes me super sad. Remember how freaking cold it was in the beginning of May? Well that's when the apricots and plums were flowering. Bummer.

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