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Summer Share #4 of 20: 6/29+7/1- The Fruit Share is Starting!

by Erin and Steve on 06/28/21

Well good news, the fruit share will be starting this week. I apologize for not emailing everyone that it was coming, but we thought it would start next week! So it's a good surprise heading into the 4th of July weekend!
This heat is just making us want to egg on the Summer lovin' veggies to get a move on already. Now of course they are right on time but that's just where the mind goes when it's almost 90 degrees for 4 days straight! Hard to believe we are only 9 days into Summer come Tuesday. So get off "social" media this weekend, enjoy some real conversations with people while enjoying some farm veggies (and a smorgasbord of other food and drink ;)
This week's share will include: carrots, beets, zucchini, scallions, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, scapes, radicchio, bok choy, radishes, salad turnips, lettuce, salad greens, and cabbage!
The fruit share will be a boatload of cherries, both sweet and tart.
Don't forget to order from the Savage Wheat Project this week!

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