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Summer Share #3 of 22- 6/18+6/20 It's Late June, Time to Complain (just a little)

by Erin and Steve on 06/16/19

Oh what a weekend I've had. It was wicked windy on Friday, to the point where it limited some work we could do. And then I woke up on Saturday and IT WAS STILL WINDY! I know my last post was about how it's still Spring and I know we get wind storms in the Spring, but not this late! and not sustained for this long! So Saturday morning we went out to check the fields and one of the row covers (40x200 foot sheet) had blown completely off the watermelon we just transplanted and the cantaloupe sheet was halfway off as well. In the wind we couldn't get the watermelon cover back on so we just had to secure it in place and subject our little seedlings to the torment of the weather. We then had to cancel our plans to leave the farm because we had to check everything that could be a affected by the wind on the hour every hour. So by about 5 pm we thought it was calm enough to leave the farm so we headed out and as I was on Transit Road with my blinker on and braking before my turn when someone flippin' rear-ended me...flat breaking on his part. And as we are talking after the accident it started to rain! AAAAHHHHHH! So then we just went back home. I hope you all had a way more productive and fulfilling weekend than I did, especially you dads out there. Sometimes it feels like I should just 'pack it up' for the day and try again tomorrow; sometimes you just can't win.
But we went for our weekly field walk on Sunday, delayed due to the wind on Saturday, and though the crops have endured some crappy weather, including way too much rain, they are surprisingly doing well. I can't believe the broccoli crop right now, and we were pleasantly surprised by others like the first cabbage of the season is in. The onions, after being planted in a wetter area of the farm looked like they are bouncing back (hopefully they can handle this latest deluge). So it looks like the mix-and-match will be in full effect in the share this week. Woohoo!
This week's share will include: carrots, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, broccolini, salad radishes and turnips, beet greens, broccoli raab, kale, chard, collards, bok choy, salad greens, spinach, and head lettuce. Yes, head lettuce will be in the share for a few more weeks because this is the time of year it really shines! So get your dressing ready because it's salad season. And if you or your significant other is thinking something like "I like bacon", or "I eat sausage every morning", then great. Crumble that up and put it on a salad.

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