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Summer Share #20 of 22: 10/15+10/18 Try and Try Again

by Erin and Steve on 10/13/18

The "Summer Share" as we call it starts before Spring has had a chance to end and ends well into the Fall. But somehow the "Late-Spring-To-Well-Into-Fall Share" doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely. But it is time for current members to renew their Summer Share for the 2019 season. All current members have been emailed all the info needed to do so. If you are on the waitlist you will receive an email in December or January from the farm with share info and availability.
So last week it was 80 degrees, but this week we are probably going to see our first frost of the season. We also received 5 inches of rain in one week (starting a week and a half ago) and it has done some damage to some crops. But the one crop that was looking great and was going to be harvested this coming week that suffered the most was the spinach. Ugh. This is actually the second Fall planting of spinach. The first Fall planting of Spinach failed because it was seeded in the very beginning of August when we had drought-like-conditions and it never properly germinated. Awesome. So, to sum up: one planting failed because it was too hot and dry and the next planting made it to maturity only for half of it to die due to too wet conditions. Now spinach can be finicky, but come on! Maybe you would think that that is where the story ends, but it's not. I then planted a third planting of spinach to make up for the first, but you have to watch out how late you seed stuff here in WNY because it may not mature in time before it gets too cold. So that's what's happening with that planting PLUS about a third of it died because of the 5 inches of rain. So needless to say there will be some spinach in the share this week, but only about 50% of what there should be.
The rest of this week's share will include: potatoes, winter squash choice, radicchio, fennel, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, peppers, chard, kale, scallions, onions, lettuce, greens, pumpkin squash, garlic, edamame, and brussels sprouts.
The fruit share will include quince, apples and pears.

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