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Summer Share #2 of 22: 6/11+6/13 It's Still Spring, no Seriously

by Erin and Steve on 06/08/19

It's true, the end of Spring is Friday the 21st. I know that we all want to extend what feels like Summer, so we say 'the unofficial start to Summer is Memorial Day', but that is a whole month too early. Also, in case you are wondering the end of Summer is September 23rd, not Labor Day 20 days earlier. I know we act like it doesn't matter to us which day Summer starts, but it does matter to all the plants...on earth...everywhere. They know the difference. Some vegetables rely on day length to signal when it's time to start maturing (think of how long the days get, the longest one being June 21st which is no accident). Other vegetables rely on what is called growing degree days, or the amount of days spent over a specific temperature threshold. There is a lot of natural science occurring on the farm that is linked to the length of day, which in turn is linked to the seasons. I know when we go to the grocery store it's hard to see the reality of the natural world (especially next to the bananas), but at least at the farm you can be reassured that we are all tied to it, and therefore we are also all actually tied to the real start of Summer: June 21st.
So here's to all the vegetables in this week's share that love the Spring: Broccoli, broccolini, carrots, salad radishes, bunched spring greens, bok choy, kale, chard, collards, head lettuce, and salad greens.
Don't forget your mushroom share and Providence Creek Farm will also be here this week with pasture raised meat. Finally, if you have not made your final payment, or are unaware of what you owe, or just want to check just ask at the share pick up.

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