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Summer Share #2 of 20- 6/14+6/16: A Season for Everything

by Erin and Steve on 06/11/22

We were so happy to open the barn doors to everyone last week at the start of the Summer Share. Of course we've seen many of you during the Winter Share last January and the Spring Shares, too. This Spring has been a bit different from the last 2 or 3. It has been cooler and wetter, which we are okay with but planning for the Spring is always a challenge. We grow a lot of crops that actually prefer growing in the Fall in the Spring. They perform much better when they grow into cooling weather instead of growing into warming weather. I understand why they would want to do that, but crops like broccoli and cauliflower, and greens, and spinach are too good to only grow in the Fall. So what does that mean? That means that Spring broccoli and cauliflower is smaller that the Fall stuff in general, and that sometimes we will loose a greens or spinach planting. Many farmers just give up on attempting to grow these crops in the Spring because a proper yield is not reliably predictable. I also understand why they would want to do this ;) It's challenging, and gut wrenching when plantings fail. For example, last year we did three Spring plantings of spinach, and got one and a half of them harvested (because one whole planting plus half of another failed before we could harvest), but this season all three plantings are coming in gang-busters... and we have too much. It's enough to drive anybody crazy, but if can stay sane enough to attempt to do it again next year than that's saying something ;)
Anyway, more and more variety of produce will be working it's way into the share as the seasons change. This is what it's like to eat seasonally, and the earth and your body are thankful I can guarantee. This week's share will include: bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, bunched greens, radishes, fennel, kohlrabi, head lettuce, spinach and more!

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1. Kelly said on 6/12/22 - 01:23PM
I really appreciate the education that comes along with the weekly update - thanks for doing that!

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